Oh, so sorry to be vacuuming the living room while you are trying to watch TV. Excuse me, I'll just get these 4 glasses out of your way and go do the dishes while you finish up watching that there all-important tv show. Off to play a video game, eh? Don't mind me, I'll just be mopping up your coffee spills from the staircase. How's the guitar playing coming along? Maybe you could turn it up as I can still hear myself fold this load of laundry. Great - the iPod is recharged. Run along and enjoy your angry birds while I happily empty the trash and recycle bins. If you can spare a sec and hit pause soon during that movie, maybe you could put your freshly folded undies in your drawer. I'll get the hanging stuff for you, I know it's so terribly difficult to hang shirts. What's for dinner? Meatloaf... well I'm sorry but I got the meat on clearance and I only have $75 to get us through groceries for the next week. Okay okay I'll round up some quarters for some gas and go to the store for pizza. You comfy? Everything good? F**K YOU ASSHOLE!!!