I don't give a s**t about anything anymore, and the solution you've come to is to criticize me further? If I can get into an Ivy League college and you aren't even impressed that, I literally don't know what the f**k I can do to really impress you? I'm so f**king excited to leave. I can't f**king stand this s**t anymore. 17 years of the same s**t over and over and over -- I can finally escape. You wonder why I only applied to colleges 8+ hours away? So I can finally get the F**K AWAY FROM YOU.

To be honest, I didn't know if I would make it this far. Do you know how many times you made me want to kill myself? Quite a few, to be blunt.

You brag that you took ACT while still plastered from the night before? What a f**king accomplishment. And I'm the disappointment.

I'm so inexplicably angry, and you still don't get it? I tell you what's wrong, you get angry with me and leave, because you "do so much for me". You just can't f**king stand to be criticized, you f**king hypocrite. You want me to feel better and get out and do things, but won't let me go and hang out with my friends or get pissed off when I do? What kind of f**king twisted game is that? F**k you. I'm done with your criticisms. Have I failed you? Good. Maybe now you'll leave me the hell alone.

You've turned me into whatever the hell this is. The only coping mechanism I have left is anger, and you're going to get the full brunt of that, f**king understand? I'm not going be your little bi**h anymore. I hate all of you. All of you. You're so completely awful to me, and blame me for everything. How can I be responsible for everything?! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LEAVE THEN?! Because that means you lose control. That's too damn bad. When you two sick f**ks only have each other, you'll finally only have yourselves to blame.