I'm done. I don't f**king care about anything anymore. I haven't done anything, and even that disappoints you. Make up your f**king mind! Nothing I do is good enough. Good. I don't want you to throw that demeaning term onto me. "I'm proud of you" what the f**k is that? Because I finally did something please you? F**k that. I don't want that.

And you wonder why I don't care about anything. Because I'm doing what makes me happy for once. In 17 years, I'm finally doing what makes me feel happy. Do you know what a rare emotion that is? I'm not sad any f**king more. No, that's pussy s**t. No, now I'm just pissed off at the way you treated me. I hope I f**king hurt you. I hope you feel exactly what I did. I'm pushing you to your breaking point? Get ready, bi**h. Buckle the hell up. I'm about to push you off.

I hope it caught you off of your f**king guard, when I started to say what I thought. Pushing people away? Bi**h, you were never next to me. I'm just letting you know how little you mean to me, so maybe you'll leave me the hell alone. I like being alone. All the times you've pushed me into seclusion? I became self-reliant. You taught me not to trust people. I suppose I should thank you for that, you sick f**king hypocrite. With everything all you bi**hes did to me, being happy is going to be impossible, but when I finally get away from all of you, everything is going to be amazing.

I hope you know I'm never f**king coming back. I think you're getting some f**king idea, because you dragging me to therapists and telling me that I need to fix things with you. Trying to guilt me, I suppose? Surely you know that I don't give a f**k about any of you, or you're figuring that out, because nothing has changed. Good. I'm done being the little bi**h. I don't belong with any of you, I don't like any of you -- peace out, bi**hes. I'm finally going to be able to breathe.

I've never been like this, have I? Have you stopped to wonder why I've become a completely different person? I'm sure you just believe it's solely my fault, but you absolutely slaughtered the sweet little girl I used to be. But I suppose I should thank you for that as well - you tore be apart and left me broken before the world could even get to me. Now I'm a full-blown bi**h. Maybe that's something you can be proud of -- I mean, I learned it from you.