OOooo this society is sooo f**kin happy, and everyone is living their stupid American dream, with their quarter or half a million houses which are owned by your employer who you are a slave too!!! Sitting on this train, half of you are f**kin asleep the other half look dead. Well let me tell you - you caretainly do not look like you are coming back from vacation! Hope you had a good f**kin week! Next one will be the same! You are only working twice as hard! Corporarte inslavement society riding the corporate choo choo train!!!!! Everyone thinks they are freee, o joy! Lets just keep pumping this bubble, you will be a great landing softener after it busts! The heavy banker pigs from upstairs you work for will come down landing on your sorry ass and let me tell you, it will hurt!!! You think you are "well off" middle class!? Think again!