Yup, happy anniversary to you too!!! Every year since the wedding, you get 5lbs heavier! You think I can't notice!?!? Number one - i see it, number two - the weight in our bathroom has a memory recall function! Number three - stop asking me stupid questions if the dress makes you look fat and then getting upset at the answer?! You know what makes you look fat!? THe extra little annual 5 LBS of FAT makes you look FAT! And guess what 5x5lbs = 25lbs! Yaah, simple math, you did more complex math when u summed up my bank accounts! You were one number crunching machine that day!!! For crying out loud its not like you had kids! At least I didnt quit the gym! Your excuse for quiting the gym was worst than Bushes to attack Iraq! I guess curves were only good for the dating season when the fish was swimming loose!!!! This is a trap!!! F**k this!