Jesus Christ! What does gives you the right to hog all of the arm rest on this seat!? You cannot see I have a laptop and I need that armrest to type!?!!? You dumb goat - You need to learn what the rules of armrest priority are! First of all, I was there first and you sat your stupid ass second. The person who is at the seat first gets to use the arm rest! Second reason - it is obvious that I need it!!! All you have is your stupid newspaper, why the hell do you stretch so far that half of it is on my side?? Do you feel I need to read it!? Your elbow is half way on my side you ignorant selffish sonofabi**h!. If it was not for all the other people on this train I would punch you right in your face!!!! If you don't like public transport get the hell of this train before I throw you off!! Keep your hands to youself and learn the rules of common curticee you stupid moron!!!!