Goddamn it! Why does everyone chhose to act like an asshole at the same f**king time!!! K so we were friends, now...you can't bother to look at me or talk to me when I'm standing right next to you. Why am I not surprised that your bulls**t about us being close and how you trust me so much was F**KING BULL. And God, this one is for you...do you think it's funny to put a concentrated amount of "annoying" in one person. She never shuts up! And she thinks she has a right to insult me when no one f**king likes her. They ALL talk s**t about her to me. Funny thing is...they talk s**t about other people to me...I do/say NOTHING, and i find about, they're doing the same about me. So when I confront them...all of a sudden, I'M the bad person, and no one wants to talk to me.