get out of my face get out of my face get out of my facestop hugging me talking about crap i dont give a s**t about and just leave me alone. stop saying "omg guess what" i dont care and you have nothing to say. OMG i havent talked to you for five mins tell everyone im pissed at you and make me loook like a duche go ahead please. and by all means**t me (freind is a girl im a guy) over and over and call me a bi**h i cant do anything cause your a girl. ha to people reading this she told me to hit her once i said no over and over and over and SNAP SLAP she laughs how odd. i slaped her cause she told me to a friend saw got my ass kicked how nice. and when i say "leave me alone ******" i really mean "please i want you to poke my sides and head and i want you to keep saying 'whats up' over and over and over and over aand over again" people reading this i... i love this site! i feel so much better (still crappy though) but better. this person has riuined my life had her ex try to "attack" me with death threats too and lies soooooooooooooooooooooo much 3 siblings linsy bella and george (not real names) bella is older a bi**h and adopted just like ****** and lensey but bella is evil! linsey is her real sister. bulls**t! bella is her real non adopted sister ****** is also non adopted bella and i get along great and linsey is their neihabor i feel even better